Why Are My Google Analytics Stats and Unbounce Stats Showing Different Numbers?


My Google Analytics Stats and Unbounce Stats don’t match up! Why are they showing different numbers? 

Your Google Analytics Stats and your Unbounce Stats may show different numbers for a variety of reasons:

  • Unbounce & Google Analytics tracks page stats similarly using a client-side system (a JavaScript program will run upon page-load). Unbounce's page stats system works harder to help prevent bot & spam traffic from landing on your page. This means, however, you may notice a slight difference in traffic between the stats in Google Analytics & the Unbounce app.
  • Google has a 24-48 hour data processing latency, meaning stats generally show in Analytics after a day or two.
  • Different bot detection -- Unbounce has integration with Project Honeypot, which filters IP addresses flagged as malicious. Google uses their own bot detection algorithm and maybe flagging IP addresses that Unbounce otherwise wouldn’t. 
  • View/Account filter - You may have inadvertently picked a different view/account filter in Google Analytics which does not represent the full value of your data in the same way that your Unbounce statistics are displayed. 

It’s completely normal for different tracking methods to have a small variation in numbers. If you’re finding that your tracking statistics in Unbounce and Google Analytics vary wildly, please contact support for assistance.