Is Popup and Sticky Bar Traffic Counted Towards My Traffic Limit? 


Yes, unique visitors on Popups and Sticky Bars are indeed counted towards your monthly traffic limit. This traffic usage limit is reset at the beginning of every billing period. 

How Can I Differentiate Between Sticky Bars/Popups and Landing Page Traffic?

Unfortunately, at the moment there’s no built-in way to differentiate traffic on your total Traffic Usage Meter between Sticky Bars/Popups and landing pages. 

As a workaround, follow these steps to manually determine the total amount of unique visitors to your Popups and Sticky Bars. 

  1. Log into Unbounce.
  2. Click on the Popups & Sticky Bars section on the left to see the list of the Popups and Sticky Bars you’ve created. 
  3. Add the number of visitors on each Popup and Sticky Bar together.

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