Driving Traffic and Setting up Tracking for Your AMP Pages


Created your first AMP page, and ready to drive some traffic and get your page set up for tracking? Follow along below to get all things Google ready on your AMP page, using our handy documentation guide.

  1. Let’s make sure your canonical page and AMP page are linked properly so that your AMP page can be accessed from the supported platforms: Linking to Your AMP Page
  2. Once you’ve set up your canonical linking, you’ll want to add Google analytics to your page for events and user tracking: Adding Google Analytics to Your AMP Page
  3. Do you have more than one AMP page and want to track all your events across all pages easily? Installing Google Tag Manager should help with this: Adding Google Tag Manager to Your AMP Page

Running a Google Ad with an AMP Page? Learn how to get your AMP to show up on your ad with our FAQ documentation: How Do I Make My AMP Page Show Up in Google Ads?