New in February ‘19


Who needs roses when you’ve got great new Builder features? Unbounce has the best presents for you this month:


Auto Image Optimizer

(Launched: February 21, 2019)


We’ve launched our Auto Image Optimizer!  Automatically optimize images as you add them to your landing page to balance quality and file size – or fine tune your settings for full control!


You’ll no longer need to compress your images before uploading them to the Unbounce Builder, as our application will automatically compress the images for you.

Check out our Auto Image Optimizer documentation for more information.

AMP General Release

(Launched: February 26, 2019)


AMP has now hit general release status for all of our premium and enterprise customers! Engage mobile users and increase conversions with near-instant, Google-approved landing pages that load up to 85% faster than non-AMP pages.  Check out our AMP page for more information.