Editing Your Page Info Using Page Overview



The Page Overview is divided into 3 important tabs:



  1. Overview
  2. Leads
  3. Integrations.

Clicking each tab will load a new page which gives you access to different functions for your landing page.



You can access the following functions on the Overview tab:


  1. Using the Edit button to access your landing page in the Unbounce Builder.
  2. Changing the title of your page by hovering over the title and then clicking the Edit Name button.
  3. Using the Publish/Unpublish button to publish/unpublish your page, schedule publishing at a specific time, or delete/download your Unbounce page.
  4. Changing your URL with the Change URL button to use your own domain.
  5. Checking your visitor and conversion rate data.
  6. Conducting A/B Testing and creating new variants of the existing page.



You can access the following functions on the Leads tab:




You can access the following functions on the Integrations tab:


  1. Adding integrations to your landing page.
  2. Setting up Zapier integrations.
  3. Using webhooks on your landing page.


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