Creating a New Page from a Variant


Looking to create a new page from a successful variant? You can do that!

  1. Head to the Page Overview for the page for which you want to create a new variant.  Click the ellipsis icon beside the variant you’d like to copy. A new drop-down menu will appear.
  2. Select Create new page from variant. A new dialog box will appear:

  3. In the new dialog box, enter the name for your page in the blank field, and click the Create Page button at the bottom right corner of the dialog box. A new screen will appear.
  4. You’re now located at the Page Overview for your newly copied page, and ready to make any edits and publish.

See this article to learn more about moving, editing, duplicating, or deactivating variants: How Do I Edit, Promote, Delete, or Duplicate Variants?

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