Getting Started with AMP Pages



AMP Functionality is currently available only for Accelerate and Concierge plan users.


Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Project is an open source project that’s all about page speed and creating a new format for mobile pages that load far more quickly than the traditional mobile page.

Unbounce’s AMP feature allows you to use the drag and drop builder (with some AMP format related limitations) to create near-instant loading landing pages for your end users that are controlled and created by you.

Find out more about AMP and why you want to start creating your own AMP landing pages by reading our What is AMP? Documentation.

Follow along our documentation guides to create your first AMP page in the Unbounce Builder:

  1. Let’s get started and jump into the Unbounce builder to create your first AMP Page: Creating an AMP Page
  2. You’ve created your first AMP Page! Now, make sure that the page you’ve created can pass Google’s validation standards: Testing and Validating Your AMP Page
  3. Your AMP page has been validated and is all green and in the clear. The final step is to link your AMP page to your canonical page: Linking to Your AMP Page

Now that you’ve created your AMP page, explore the rest of our AMP documentation to see the other possibilities you can create with Unbounce’s AMP builder.