Toggling Between Horizontal and Vertical Form Field Layouts


Switching up your form fields with vertical or horizontal alignment is a cool way to customize designs and optimize the available space.

This can improve how you ask vital questions and create a more pleasant user experience. 


This article will explain how to toggle between horizontal and vertical form fields for:

  • Classic Builder
  • Popups
  • Sticky Bars

Toggling between Horizontal/Vertical Form Fields in Classic Builder

Follow  the instructions below to toggle between horizontal and vertical form field alignment:

  1. Click on the form you’d like to edit:

  2. Click on the Properties tab on the right side of your screen and scroll down to the Field Attributes section. Move the Columns slider to match the number of horizontal fields you want. In this example, we’ve selected 3 columns:


    Sticky Bars forms start with horizontal fields by default. Check out the Pro Tip below to change them to vertical form fields.

  3. Drag your form to further customize the appearance of your new horizontal form:

Pro Tip:

If you wish to revert to a vertical form, simply drag the Columns slider back to “0”.