Adding Click to Call Buttons



Click to call buttons provide phone visitors to your page with an quick and easy way to call you directly from your landing page. Follow the steps below to set up a click to call button on your page:

  1. Create your button in your Unbounce Builder.
  2. In the Properties tab on the right side of the Unbounce Builder, scroll down to the CLICK ACTION panel.
  3. In the Action drop-down menu, select Call a number.
  4. In the Phone Number field, type in the phone number you’d like people to contact. Make sure to include the international prefix if you’re expecting out of country calls. Your phone number format should be [country code][area code][phone number] without any spaces. 
  5. _click_to_call_button_click_action.png
  6. To set your conversion goals, click on the Goals tab in the top right corner of the Unbounce Builder. 
  7. click_to_call_button_conversion_goal.png
  8. Check the Phone option to ensure your calls are properly recorded as conversions for your stats.
  9. Click Save and Publish/Republish your page.

You’ve now got a fully functioning click to call button on your landing page ready for customers to use!

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