Display Values in Your Form Confirmation Dialog (Using Dynamic Text)


The best campaigns add a personalized touch. Creating a personalized message on your lead generation page makes a good impression on your customer after they’ve taken the time to fill out your form and submit their information.

This article describes how to use dynamic text on your form confirmation dialog to create that important personalization.

  1. Navigate to the landing page where you’d like to add your personalized lead generation message in the Unbounce Builder.
  2. If you haven’t already added a form to your landing page, do so now. Ensure that the field that you’d like to pass to your lead generation as dynamic text is marked as a Required field.fcd_dtr_form_design.png
  3. Once you’ve customized the form to your specifications, click the Form Confirmation Dialog tab at the top left of the Builder.fcd_dtr_fcd_tab_location.png
  4. Drag and drop the Text text_button.png  widget onto the form confirmation dialog box and double click into the text block. Highlight and select the portion of the text that you’d like to make dynamic.fcd_dtr_diagram_.png
  5. Click the Properties tab on the top right of the Builder and click the Action tab.  Click the Dynamic Text button in the DYNAMIC TEXT section of the Action tab. A new dialog box will appear.
  6. In the Dynamic Text Replacement Dialog box, type the name of the form field you’d like to pass through to the lead gen in the URL parameter field. Note: If the name of your form field is longer than one word, link the words together with an underscore. For example: first_name or last_name.
  7. fcd_dtr_dtr_dialog_box.png
  8. Place the text you want replaced on your form confirmation dialog into the Default Text field.
  9. Select the Text Style you’d like to use for your dynamic text from the Select Text Style drop down menu, and then click the Save Dynamic Text button in the bottom right corner of the dialog box.
  10. Save and Publish/Republish your page.

You’re all set! If the parameter name and the field name from your form match, then the details from your selected form field will automatically populate in the text you specified on your form confirmation dialog box. Now when someone converts on your landing page, they’ll see a personalized message.