Adding a File Download Button in the Classic Builder


Adding a file download to your landing page is a great strategy to entice your customers to complete a desired conversion action.


At this time, a file download button only works on the form confirmation dialog box. 

How to set up a file download on your form confirmation dialog box: 

  1. Drag and drop the Form form_button.png widget onto your landing page in the Classic Builder.
  2. Once you’ve edited your form, click the Form Confirmation Dialog tab in the top left corner of the Unbounce Builder. A new screen will appear:
    Annotated screenshot of red arrow pointing to Form Confirmation Dialog box.
  3. Drag and drop the Button button_button.png widget onto your form confirmation dialog box.
  4. Single-click the button, and navigate to the Properties tab on the right-hand side of the Classic Builder.
  5. Within the Properties tab, scroll down to the Click Action section.
  6. In the Click Action section, select Download File from the Action menu. A new dialog box will appear:
  7. In the Choose a File dialog box, select the file that you’d like your visitors to download, or click the Upload New Files button to upload a new file:
    Choose file dialog box.
  8. Click the Choose button in the bottom right corner of the dialog box, and you're all set. 

Be sure to Save and Publish/Republish your page.


There is a 200mb size limit for the file you’re uploading.

All set! Now your lead gen landing page will allow your visitors to download a file after completing your form.