Testing and Validating Your AMP Page


Testing and Validating Your AMP Page



AMP pages hosted on unbouncepages.com will not validate. You must host your page on your own domain in order to get a proper validation status.

You’ve gone through all the effort to make an AMP page -- let’s go ahead and test the page to ensure that it validates and passes for Google’s AMP status.  

We’ve added a link to Google’s AMP validator directly from the Unbounce builder.

To check your AMP validation status within the Unbounce Builder follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your AMP page overview screen.
  2. Click the Validate button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. A new browser window will open.ampvalidate.png
  3. Navigate to the new window. Google’s AMP validator will be testing your AMP page. Once Google finishes running the test, you’ll see one of two messages:
  • If your page passes the validation test you’ll see a green PASS message beside the Validation Status heading under the loaded code.
  • If your page fails validation, you’ll see a red FAIL message beside the Validation Status heading. The AMP validator will list all the code that is disallowed by the AMP format so that you can find and fix any errors shown.


Only published, HTTPS enabled AMP pages can be validated through the Unbounce validation button. If the button is greyed out and cannot be clicked, your page is missing one or both of these criteria.


What if my AMP page doesn’t Pass Validation?  

If your AMP page doesn’t pass validation then your page won’t be able to make use of Google’s AMP Cache and you won’t be able to avail yourself of the speed from the pre-cached loading.

If you’re finding errors that prevent your AMP page from being validated head over to Google’s troubleshooting guide for some assistance.