How do I get an SSL certificate for my WordPress domain in Unbounce?


Are your landing pages on a WordPress domain showing as “Not Secure” in your browser? That’s because Unbounce can’t provision an SSL certificate on domains that have been connected with our WordPress Plugin.


Since Unbounce isn’t issuing the SSL certificate for this WordPress domain, the landing page URL that you see on your Page Overview screen will always start with HTTP. Load the live URL in your browser to verify that the SSL certificate is applied properly through WordPress.

To reach the HTTPS (secure) version of your website, you'll need to obtain an SSL certificate from your hosting provider. You can contact your hosting provider directly for more details.

Once you’ve obtained your SSL certificate, you’ll need to enable it in your WordPress account. This will allow visitors to see the HTTPS version of your website.

To make this even easier, WordPress has several plugins that can enable the SSL certificate and direct users to the secured version of your landing page!