What is AMP?



AMP Functionality is currently available only for Accelerate and Concierge plan users.

What is AMP?

For every second that a page takes to load, conversions drop by 12% — and 53% of smartphone users will abandon a page entirely if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Project is an open-source project that’s all about page speed and creating a new format for mobile pages that load far more quickly than the traditional mobile page.

AMP strips your landing page of all the bulky, unnecessary parts and streamlines the page for faster loading times. But it also means that you’ll be able to use less custom code and need to make much simpler pages.

AMP pages aren’t coded like traditional web pages, and are built with 3 core components:

  • AMP HTML - This new format of HTML has AMP-specific tags and custom elements. Though it’s similar to regular HTML coding, there are some restrictions to allow the AMP pages to perform more reliably.
  • AMP Javascript - Like AMP HTML, AMP JS has custom tags that are focused on resource loading and ensuring fast rendering of AMP webpages.
  • AMP Cache - AMP Cache is a proxy-based server that’s created specifically to work with AMP pages. It allows your pages to be preloaded efficiently from the same location, while also optimizing the content for speed in the background while it’s loading.

Unbounce takes care of these 3 components for you. Our new AMP feature allows you to use the drag and drop builder (with some AMP format-related limitations) to create near-instant loading landing pages for your end users that are controlled and created by you.


Amp Format Limitations

Amp is a great way of guaranteeing that your websites load incredibly quickly for your customers, but the great speed means that there are also some limitations regarding what can be added to an AMP-coded webpage.

The following customizations are forbidden or extremely limited when creating an AMP webpage:

  • Custom Javascripts
  • External Javascripts
  • Javascript Analytics (such as Facebook Pixel)
  • Inline Style Attributes
  • Linked Stylesheets


Google Analytics can be used with AMP websites. See our documentation on how to add Google Analytics to your AMP page.

In light of the limitations of the AMP format, The Unbounce AMP builder does not offer the same feature set as the regular page builder. The following options are currently unavailable in the current version of the Unbounce AMP builder:

  • No support for global scripts.
  • No support for AB testing.
  • No support for variants.
  • No preview. To preview, please publish your page to unbouncepages.com before using your own domain.
  • No republishing from within the AMP builder. You must republish from the overview screen.
  • Button background images will not show.
  • Background color overlays and gradient backgrounds will not show.
  • Hubspot and Infusionsoft are not supported as third-party integrations due to their integral usage of javascript for functionality.
  • Horizontal form fields are not available. Form fields may only be stacked vertically.
  • Popups and sticky bars will not work with AMP.
  • Dynamic Text Replacement is not available for AMP pages.  
  • UTM Parameters for form fields are not available for AMP pages.