Installing Your Popup/Sticky Bar in Unbounce



Only one embed code from each client can be added to a page at a time. If more than one embed code is added to a page, only the first one to load will fire.


It is not currently possible to launch Popups and lightboxes from Sticky Bars.

 This article describes how to install a popup or sticky bar on your Unbounce Landing Page.

  1. In the Unbounce builder, navigate to the Popup/Sticky bar page that you’d like to install. Scroll down the page to the Installation panel. Click the Copy button to copy the embed code.
  2. popup-sticky-bar-install.png
  3. Navigate to the Unbounce page builder  for the landing page where you’d like your Popup or Sticky Bar to appear. Click the Javascripts image4.png button at the bottom left\corner of the screen.   A new dialog box will appear.
  4. image2.png
  5. In the new Manage Scripts Dialog Box, change the following items:
  • Click the green Add Script to this Variant button.
  • Fill in the Script Name blank field with either “Popup” or “Sticky Bar” depending on which you’re installing on your page.
  • Select Head from the Placement drop-down menu.
  • Paste your line of Popup or Sticky Bar script in the text box below. Ensure your <Script> tags are included in this text field.
  • Click the Save Code button in the bottom right corner of the dialog box.sticky-bar-unbounce-install.png
  1. Save and Republish your page.

You’re finished! Your popup/sticky bar should appear on your Unbounce landing page.

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