Can I Create More than One Form on a Page?


Currently, the Unbounce Builder allows for a maximum of one form per landing page.

Once you’ve added a form to your landing page, you’ll notice that the Form formbutton.png Widget will be greyed out and you’ll be unable to drag and drop the widget onto the page a second time.

The main reason we don’t allow multiple forms on a landing page is an important factor to keep in mind when building landing pages: the customer’s Attention Ratio.

A visitor to your website can get fatigued by too many asks (such as by having more than one form) and decide to navigate away from your page instead of clicking links and filling out any forms at all.

A landing page should have a strong call to action message and one resolute goal - and therefore, one-click (and one form) for the customer to act upon. Having that strong brand message without confusion on the customer’s part will only increase your landing page conversions.

The best landing pages follow the philosophy of progressive disclosure -- they are clean, uncluttered, and present the customer with minimal data, which prevents the customer from getting confused about your message.

If you want to add more external form options to your page, you can add an Unbounce Popup or Sticky Bar to your page. 

You can also create anchor links to bring your visitors back to the page section with your form. 

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