Can I Create More Than One Form on a Page?


At Unbounce, we believe in minimizing distraction and focusing on that one campaign goal: to get people to convert based on the purpose of that campaign.

Minimizing distraction means reducing the amount of interaction content on your landing page. For more on that, check out Unbounce’s very own Oli Gardner speak about landing page design principles.

The best landing pages follow the philosophy of progressive disclosure -- they are clean, uncluttered, and present the customer with minimal data, which prevents the customer from getting confused about your message.

In some cases though, you may still want to have multiple forms on your landing page.

With Smart Builder, you can add multiple forms on your landing page with no added workarounds. Simply add as many form section templates to your page as needed.

To learn more about forms in Smart Builder, see Working with Forms in Smart Builder.

When building in the Classic Builder you will notice that the builder allows for a maximum of one form per landing page.

This means that once you've added a form to your landing page, the Form formbutton.png Widget will be greyed out, and you’ll be unable to drag and drop the widget onto the page a second time.

If you’re looking to add more than one form on a landing page built with Classic Builder, here are some suggestions or workarounds:

  1. Anchor Links: Anchor links are a way to direct your visitors to a specific section or element on your landing page. They are commonly used at the bottom of a page to bring the visitor back to the top of the page where the CTA is located.
  2. Loading a Form into a Lightbox: By placing your form inside a lightbox, you can place multiple buttons on your landing page that open this lightbox, showing the form to your visitors.
  3. Loading a Form into a Popup: Similar to the method above, create a popup with a form loaded into it. You can then set the popup to trigger on button clicks on your landing page.
    See our documentation for more on on-click trigger settings & popups.
  4. Embed a third-party form: Finding limitations to the type of form you would like on your landing page? Why not look into third-party form providers and embed them on your landing page. Here are some commonly used services - Wufoo; 123 Form Builder; Typeform; Jotform

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