New in September '18


As Fall enhances your life with Pumpkin Spice Lattes, so does Unbounce enhance your landing pages with these quality of life improvements.


Speed Boost

(Launched: September 4, 2018)

Unbounce is always thinking about you! So some changes have been made to how pages are structured and served. Though these quality of life changes won’t be visible to you directly, most of the changes made are ranking factors for Google PageSpeed Score so you should notice a positive increase in your test results.

Please republish to see these changes on old pages. 


AMP Beta Release

(Launched: September 12, 2018)

The Accelerated Mobile Pages project has reached beta release status! AMP is a new way to create super simple, lightning fast-loading web pages that will improve your mobile conversions. Why code your AMP page from scratch when Unbounce is creating a new feature in our builder that will allow you to use our AMP templates to create your page with ease? Visit our beta page to learn more,  and join our waitlist if you would like to be considered for a future beta release.