Resetting or Changing Your Password


This article will explain how to log into your Unbounce account if you're running into issues. 

Before you decide to reset your Unbounce password, do double-check the following:

  • Is the caps-lock enabled on your keyboard?
  • Are you using the correct email address?
  • Is your email address spelled correctly?
  • Is there a password auto-fill enabled in your browser, password inputting login credentials from another platform?

See the steps in this article to learn how to reset your password for Classic Unbounce (which includes Smart Builder, our Classic Builder, and popups, and sticky bars), or Smart Copy.

Resetting Your Password for Classic Unbounce

Have trouble logging in to access your landing pages (Smart Builder, Classic Builder, popups, and sticky bars? See these steps to reset your password and get access again.  

  1. From the Conversion Intelligence ™ Platform login page, select Smart Builder & Classic Builder. A new page will appear.
  2. Click Forgot Password?:
  3. Enter your email address in the field provided & and click the Send Reset Instructions:
    • If you're having trouble remembering the email address associated with your Unbounce account, contact our Support Team, and they'll be happy to investigate.
  4. In a few moments, you will receive an email from Unbounce titled Reset Your Unbounce Password. Be sure to check your junk and spam folders as well.  
  5. Within the email, click the button titled Choose a New Password to begin the password reset steps:
  6. Enter your new password within the fields provided: 
  7. Click Change my password to save the changes.
  8. Navigate back to the Sign-in page, and log in with your email address and new password. 


The Choose a New Password button link will not expire, but please note that each button link is only valid for one password reset (so once you reset your password, the button link will expire). 

Resetting Your Password for Smart Copy

  1. From the Conversion Intelligence ™ Platform login page, select Smart Copy. A new page will appear.
  2. Click Forgot your password?:
  3. Enter your email address in the field associated with the account & click Submit:
  4. Check your inbox for an email from Smart Copy titled Smart Copy Password Reset. 
  5. Follow the link within the email to complete the password reset. 
  6. Enter your new password within the field provided: 
  7. Navigate back to the Smart Copy Sign-in page, and log in with your email address and new password. 

Strengthening Your Password

Our password strength meter will grade your password as you type it in when creating or updating your password.

There are five possible password strength levels, and your password needs to rank at least a Level Three/Yellow ("Less risky, we'll take it") on the password strength meter to be accepted by our system:


Here are ways to strengthen your password:

  • Increase the length of the password. The best passwords are a minimum of 12 characters.
  • Use a mixture of numbers, symbols, and upper, and lower case letters.
  • Use unique words, and avoid phrases or names that relate to your life, like family members’ names, birthdays, or anniversaries.
  • Do not include any part of your name, email address, or mailing address.
  • Avoid the same password used for other websites.

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