Unbounce Documentation SiteMap


Working in Unbounce


Overview of the Builder

Using the Contents Panel

Republish From Within the Builder

Hiding/Displaying Objects

Working with your Form Confirmation Dialog

Copying Pages and Popups Between Clients

Copying Pages Between Clients

Copying Popups Between Clients

Working With Audit Logs



Getting Started

The Unbounce Platform Anatomy

Landing Page Pre-Launch Checklist


Getting Started With Landing Pages



Getting Started With Popups

Building your Popup

Setting URL Targeting

Setting the Trigger and Frequency

Adding a Close-on-Click Button

Enabling the Form Confirmation Dialog Auto-Close Option

Known Issues


Getting Started With Sticky Bars

Building your Sticky Bar

Setting URL Targeting

Setting the Trigger and Frequency

Enabling the Form Confirmation Dialog Auto-Close Option

Glossary Terms

Known Issues



Signing Up For An Unbounce Account



Building Your Content

Main Features of the Page Builder

Managing Your Page Properties

Adding Video

Embedding Video

Adding Video Backgrounds


Editing Your Page Using Page Overview

Adding and Editing Page Sections

Creating a New Page in the Unbounce Builder


Adding a Custom Facebook Like or Share Button

Step 1: Installing the Javascript Code for your custom Facebook button.

Step 2 - Add the Custom HTML Components On Your Page


Adding ShareThis Buttons to Your Landing Page

Step 1 - Add the ShareThis Javascript to Your Unbounce Page

Step 2 - Add the Share/Follow Buttons to Your Landing Page


Adding Custom Twitter Buttons

Step One - Add the Twitter Javascript to your Unbounce page

Step Two - Add the Custom HTML Components On Your Page


Adding a LinkedIn Plugin to Your Landing Page

Using a LinkedIn Share Plugin

Using a LinkedIn Follow Company Plugin


Using Adobe Typekit Fonts on Your Landing Page

Step 1: Add the Typekit Javascript to Your Landing Page

Step 2: Add the Typekit Custom CSS to Your Landing Page

Apply the Custom Font to Your Headings

Apply the Custom Font to Your Button

Applying a Custom Google Font Across Your Landing Pages

Installing jQuery on Your Landing Page


Working with Mobile-Responsive Content

Building Your Mobile-Responsive Content

Enabling Your Mobile Content

Understanding How Using Mobile Popups May Affect Your Google Rankings


Adding Custom Scripts and CSS in the Classic Builder

How to insert custom scripts into your page

How to include custom CSS

Locating Each Element's Class/ID

"Will you help me troubleshoot my custom JavaScript and CSS?"

Adding Your Custom Scripts Using Script Manager

How Do I Embed Custom HTML or Widgets Into a Landing Page? 

Maximizing the Efficiency of Your Custom Scripts Using the Custom Class Element


Targeting Your Popup/Sticky Bar

Using UTM Parameters

Setting the Location Targeting

Setting the Cookie Targeting

Setting the Referrer Targeting

Setting the Scheduling


Installing Your Popup/Sticky Bar

Installing your Popup/Sticky Bar in Google Tag Manager

Installing your Popup/Sticky Bar in Magento

Installing your Popup/Sticky Bar in Shopify

Installing your Popup/Sticky Bar in Unbounce

Installing your Popup/Sticky Bar in WordPress (Single Page or Post)

Installing your Popup/Sticky Bar in WordPress (Entire Domain)

Installing your Popup/Sticky Bar Anywhere Else


Adding and Editing Text

Adding and Editing Text

Creating a Link in the Text Editor

Using Google Fonts on Your Landing Page

Supported Languages




Working with Dynamic Text Replacement

What Is Dynamic Text Replacement?

Adding Dynamic Text to Your Landing Pages

Creating Dynamic URLs



Using Boxes

Group Your Content With Boxes

Visually Isolate Content with Boxes

Box Properties



Adding and Editing Buttons and Confirmation Pages

Button Properties

Form Confirmation Options

Launching Content from a Lightbox

Adding Click to Call Buttons

Passing Incoming URL Parameters to Outgoing Button Links

Adding a File Download Button

Setting Up Your Page to Redirect After Form Submit

Adding Smooth Scrolling Links and Buttons

Display Values in Your Form Confirmation Dialog (Using Dynamic Text)



Adding Social Widgets

Adding a Social Widget for Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google+

Social Widget Properties

Adding a LinkedIn Widget

Adding Custom Twitter Buttons

Adding a Custom Facebook Button

Can I Use Unbounce to Create a Facebook Page Tab?

How Do I Add a Facebook Widget Using Facebook's JavaScript SDK?

Adding a ShareThis Widget

Optimizing Your Landing Pages for Social Sharing (ex. Facebook Images) With Open Graph Tags.



Working with Buttons and Lightboxes 

Adding and Editing Buttons

Adding a Button to Your Landing Page

Editing Your Button with the Properties Tab

The Geometry Section

The Click Action Section

The Button Label Panel

The Appearance Section

The Element Metadata Section


Adding a Lightbox Button and Working with Lightboxes 

Adding a Lightbox button to Your Page

Editing the Appearance of Your Lightbox Button 

The Geometry Panel

The Click Action Panel

The Button Label Panel

The Appearance Panel

The Element Metadata Panel

Add Content to Your Lightbox Button

Lightbox Indicators 

Adding a File Download Button

Adding Click to Call Buttons

Adding Smooth Scrolling Links and Buttons for Anchor Links 

Add the Smooth Scrolling Javascript

Create Your Smooth Scrolling Anchor Links


Passing Incoming URL Parameters to Outgoing Button Links

Working with Images

Adding Images

Adding Images to Your Landing Page

 Upload a New Image to Unbounce

Scaling Images to Fit Your Landing Page

Adding an Image to a Lightbox Button

Adding Lightbox Windows to Thumbnail Style Image Previews

Editing Images

Working with Image Resolution

Working with Image Alignment/Distribution

Align Your Images Using Page Guides


Working with Image Resolution and Retina Images


Organizing Images

Multi-Selecting Images

Filtering and Sorting Your Media



Working with Forms


Adding and Editing Forms

Adding a Form to Your Landing Page

Using Custom Field Names for Field Mapping

Editing Your Form Appearance Properties

The GEOMETRY Section








Passing URL Parameters Through a Form

Pre-filling a Form with URL Parameters


Adding Placeholder (Hint) Text to Form Fields

Loading a Form into a Lightbox

Adding A Calendar Date Picker To A Form.

Modifying Form Validation Error Messages


Toggling Between Horizontal and Vertical Form Fields



Working with Landing Pages


Scheduled Publishing: Publish Your Pages in the Future

Schedule a Page to Be Published in the Future

Removing A Scheduled Publish

Creating a New Page from a Variant 

Downloading/Uploading a Page

Downloading a Page

Uploading a Page

How Can I Create a Multi-Page Funnel/Form Using the Unbounce Builder?



Duplicating a Page

Retrieving a Deleted Landing Page

Customizing Your 404 Page

Setting Up Your 301/302 Page Redirect

Grouping Your Pages

Performing Bulk Actions on Your Pages

Sorting and Filtering Your Pages

Republishing From Within the Page Builder


Working with Popups/Sticky Bars

Targeting Your Popup/Sticky Bar

Using UTM Parameters

Setting the Location Targeting

Setting the Cookie Targeting

Setting the Referrer Targeting

Setting the Scheduling


Installing Your Popup/Sticky Bar


Installing Your Popup/Sticky Bar in Unbounce

Installing your Popup/Sticky Bar in Google Tag Manager

Installing your Popup/Sticky Bar in Magento

Installing your Popup/Sticky Bar in Shopify

Installing your Popup/Sticky Bar in WordPress (Single Page or Post)

Installing your Embed Code to WordPress (entire domain)

Installing your Popup/Sticky Bar Anywhere Else



Working With Labs Features

What are Labs Features?

What is AMP?

AMP Format Limitations

Enabling AMP Functionality in the Unbounce Builder

Disabling AMP functionality in the Unbounce Builder

Creating an AMP Page

Working on your AMP Page

Using a Form on an AMP Page

Accessing Previously Created AMP Pages

Linking to Your AMP Page

Adding Your AMP Link to an Unbounce Canonical Page

Adding Your AMP Link to a Non Unbounce Canonical Page 

Linking Your Canonical Page to your AMP Page 

How Do I Know if My AMP Link is Working?  


Testing and Validating Your AMP Page

What if my AMP page doesn’t Pass Validation?  

Embedding a Youtube, Wistia, or Vimeo Video on Your AMP Page 

Embedding Other Media on Your AMP Page

Step 1: Add the javascript for your chosen media.

Step 2: Add the custom html to embed the media onto your AMP page.

Adding Custom CSS to Your AMP Page

Adding Custom Javascript to Your AMP Page

Adding Google Analytics to Your AMP Page

Unpublishing an AMP Page 

Unpublish Your AMP Page

Remove Your AMP Page Link on Your Unbounce Canonical Page

 Common AMP Validator Errors Related to Custom HTML/Javascripts/Stylesheets


What are Best Practices for Landing Page Layout and Sizing?

How Do I Change Bullet Point Color/Shape?

Changing Bullet Point Color

Changing Bullet Point Shape

Where Can I Find More Templates for My Unbounce Landing Page?

How Do I Remove the Underline from My Text Links?

How Do I Create Text Links?


Where Are My Landing Pages Hosted?

How are my pages served?


How Reliable Is Unbounce?

What About Scheduled Downtime?

Can You Tell Me About Unbounce's Hosting Redundancy?


How Do I Remove The Unbounce Bar From The Bottom Of My Pages?

How Do I Transfer/Import Pages From Another Source?

How Do I Transfer Pages Between Accounts?

How Do I Add a Lightbox?

How Do I Launch a Lightbox From a Button?

How Do I Launch a Lightbox From an Image?

Why Won't My Lightbox Load? 


How Do I Optimize My Pages to Share on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn?

How Do I Add a Favicon?

How Do I Edit/View/Delete a Variant?

How Do I Remove White Spacing/Scrollbars On Mobile?

How Can I Make My Landing Page Fully Responsive?

How Do I Edit in Mobile View Without Changing the Desktop View?

Which Browsers Are Supported by Unbounce?

Customize your Social Media Post with Titles, Photos, and Descriptions

How do Popups and Sticky Bars Affect Page Speed Performance?

How do I add placeholder text to a multi-line form field?

Can I Create More than One Form on a Page?

How Can I Drive Traffic to My Landing Pages?

How Do I Hide My Landing Page from Search Engines? 

How Do I Reset My Page Variant Stats? 

I Need Help! How Do I Contact the Support Team? 

What Do I Need to Do to Get My Account Transferred?

How do I get an SSL certificate for my WordPress domain in Unbounce?

How Does Unbounce Track My Page’s Unique Visitors?

Why Does My Landing Page Show a Different Font Style Before My Page Fully Loads?

Why Are Links on My Landing Page Wrapped in clkn/clkg?



Connecting to Your Own Domain


Adding Your Domain to Unbounce

How Do I Add My Domain To Unbounce?

Adding Your Domain Automatically (GoDaddy, Media Temple or 1&1)

Connecting Your Domain to Unbounce

Setting Up a 'Naked' Domain in Unbounce

Connecting Your Domain Using the WordPress Plugin


Setting Up Your CNAME


Troubleshooting Your Domain

Setting Up Your CNAME with 1and1 Web Hosting

Setting Up Your CNAME with BlueHost

Setting Up Your CNAME with cPanel-Based Hosts

Setting Up Your CNAME with DreamHost

Setting Up Your CNAME with GoDaddy

Setting Up Your CNAME with HostGator

Setting Up Your CNAME with Hover

Setting Up your CNAME with Media Temple

Setting Up Your CNAME with Namecheap

Setting Up Your CNAME with Network Solutions

Setting Up Your CNAME with Google Domains

Setting Up Your CNAME with a Hosting Provider Not Listed Here





How Do I Delete a Domain?

How Do I Recover A Deleted Domain?

Why Should I Connect My Domain?

Why is it still saying “Looking for CNAME”?

How Do I Secure my Landing Page Domain with SSL?

Why Won't My Wordpress Plugin Authorize?

Why Would I Use a Subdomain For My Landing Pages?

CNAME and Domain Glossary

Why Can’t I Save My Landing Page After Rolling Back Using Version Control?


Integrating with Unbounce


Understanding and Troubleshooting Integration Errors

Integrating Your Service with Unbounce

Setting Up Field Mapping

Removing an Integration in Unbounce

Using a Webhook 



Sending Leads to ActiveCampaign ('name' and 'email')



Integrating with AWeber

Manually Adding Leads to AWeber


Campaign Monitor

Integrating with Campaign Monitor


Constant Contact

Sending Form Leads to Constant Contact


Crazy Egg

How Can I Integrate Crazy Egg With My Landing Page?



Integrating with the Facebook Pixel

How Can I Verify a Domain With Facebook (in Unbounce)?


LinkedIn Pixel

Integrating with the Facebook Pixel



Can I Integrate with GetResponse?


Google Ads

Rejected by Google Ads: Malicious or Unwanted Software

Getting Google Ads Approval and Adding a Privacy Policy

Using Keyword Insertion

Tips on Setting up a Google Ads Campaign

Adding Google Ads Conversion Tracking to Your Page

Using URL Parameters: Google Auto-Tagging/Manual Tagging

Adding a Link to a Privacy Policy on Your Landing Page

Using Google's Website Call Conversion Feature


Google Analytics

Integrating with Google Analytics

Integrating Popups & Sticky Bars with Event Tracking in Google Analytics


Google Tag Manager

How Do I Integrate Google Tag Manager With Unbounce?



How Do I Integrate GoToWebinar with Unbounce Using Zapier?



Integrating with HubSpot



Adding Infusionsoft



How Do I Embed an iubenda Privacy Policy?



How Do I Add KISSmetrics Event Tracking to My Landing Page?



Integrating With MailChimp



Integrating with Marketo



How Do I Add Olark Live Chat to My Landing Page?



How to Integrate with a Pardot Form Handler



How Can I Track PayPal Payments as Conversions?



How Can I Add Qualaroo On My Landing Page?



Integrating with Salesforce



Adding a Shopify Buy Button to Your Landing Page

How Do I Add a Shopify Link with a Customized Button to My Page?

Tracking Shopify Purchases as Conversions





Troubleshooting WordPress Plugin Technical Issues



How Do I Add a Wufoo Form to My Landing Page?



Setting Up 'Integrations Powered by Zapier'




What's the Difference Between Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Global Site Tag? 

Does Order Matter When I'm Adding Custom Scripts to My Landing Page?

Using the Unbounce Lookup Chrome Extension  


Testing and Reporting


 A/B Testing

How to Run an A/B Test

How to Interpret Your A/B Test Results


Viewing Your Data

Deleting Your Leads

Getting Your Leads

Setting Conversion Goals

Lead Notification and Communication

Analyzing Your Lead Data



How Does Unbounce Track Page Stats?

How do I track referral sources for my campaigns? 

What's SEO and Why is it Important? 

Why Are My Google Analytics Stats and Unbounce Stats Showing Different Numbers? 

Can I Use IP Filtering to Block Spam?

Managing Your Account


Clients & Users

User Role Permissions

Working with Users

Working with Clients


Account Settings

Viewing & Updating Your Account Information


Account Security

Logging on with 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

Using Google Single Sign On (SSO)


What are Unbounce's Security Features?

How Do I Change the Account Owner?

How Do I Access Invoices In My Account?

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

How Do I Switch From an Annual Subscription to Monthly?

Unbounce Data Processing Addendum

How Do I Remove/Delete an Administrator?

What is "GDPR"?

My Account Has Been Suspended. How Can I Reactivate it?

Login Issues AKA HELP! My Password Isn't Working!

What Happens When I Cancel My Subscription?

About Your Existing Features

Coming Back to Unbounce

Can You Tell Me More about Viewer Access on User Roles?


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