Working With Audit Logs


This feature is available for all Enterprise and up plans. 

Have you ever found yourself wondering when a certain landing page/Popup was published or deleted in your account, and who did it? You won't need Sherlock Holmes to crack this case: Audit Logs has got your back.

The Audit Logs feature is a detailed activity feed that keeps track of the following user actions (including when they happened, which user performed them, and on which client they were applied):

  • Creating, Modifying, Renaming, Saving, Publishing, Unpublishing, Deleting, or Copying a Page/Popup.
  • Sending, Accepting, or Declining a User Invite.

Follow these steps to view, customize, and export your audit logs:

  1. Click your name/profile picture on the top right of the Unbounce Builder and select "Manage Account".
  2. From the "Account Overview" menu on the left sidebar, click "Audit Log".
  3. Check out your Audit Log: User actions will appear chronologically in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) by default.
  4. You can click the Start Date/End Date boxes to only display user actions that fall within a certain a date range.
  5. You can select a client from the "Filter By:" drop-down menu to only display user actions applied to a certain client.
  6. Click the "Export .csv" button to export your audit logs to a .csv file, displayed with your selected date range and client filter, if applicable.
  7. You're done!
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