Adding Placeholder (Hint) Text to Form Fields


This feature allows you to add a greyed-out default value that will disappear as soon as your visitors start to type within the field.

Not only is this a helpful additional visual cue for your visitors, you can save space within your dimension-restricted Popup or Sticky Bar by including your form field cues within the form field instead of adjacent to it.

Follow these steps to add placeholder text to your form from within the Builder:

  1. Double-click your form field.
  2. Select the form field you wish to add placeholder text to and type your desired placeholder text in the "Field Placeholder Text" field.
    Placeholder text cannot currently be styled and will appear in sans-serif Arial typeface on your published Popup or Sticky Bar.
  3. By default, the Field Label will appear above the Field Placeholder Text on your published Popup or Sticky Bar (see below).

    If you would rather the Field Label not appear above the Field Placeholder Text on your published Popup or Sticky Bar (see below), you can hide the field label.
    To hide a Field Label, click "Hide Label" under the Field Label text field. You'll see the Field Label disappear from the Form Design window when you enable this option.
  4. Click "Done".
  5. Back in the Builder, you'll see your shiny, new placeholder text within your form field. Click "Save" to lock it in, and you're done!


Do you want to add a placeholder for a multiple line text area? Check out this great community post here, complete with CSS script!