New in July '18


Inline with last months theme, we have even more time-saving improvements to allow you to pivot, publish and launch into the future! We're right behind you, Dr. Hawking! 

Text Style Inheritance 
(Launched: July 1, 2018)

Do you ever catch yourself at the end of each day thinking, "Where did the time go? What is time?".

Spend less time styling text and more time diving into that blackhole of a question with our text style inheritance feature! This feature allows you to add new text elements to the page which automatically inherits the last style applied. 

Single Click Text Editing
(Launched: July 11, 2018)

Previously you would double click on a text element within the page builder to apply text styles. Now you can click once on the text box to bring up the styling options in the properties panel. Now style edits are also applied to all text within an element without having to manually highlight / select all of the text.
Just to note, a double click is still required to edit the copy. The single click applied to text styling only.

Scheduled Publishing
(Launched: July 30, 2018)

*This feature is available for all Premium and up plans*

My stars! You can now schedule page publishing in advance, this facilitates launching campaigns in different timezones, launching limited time promotions, and it simply saves time on manually publishing every single page. Click here to learn more about how you can conquer your future to-do list now: Scheduled Publishing, Publish Your Pages in the Future.

Let's pause to read a haiku about time:

Moments are our lives
Some moments last forever
Ultimately, craving more

Drag and Drop From Desktop to Builder
(Launched: July 30, 2018)

We just released the added ability to drag and drop images from your computer into the image gallery.. And we've already made improvements so you can drag and drop images right into the Page Builder! No more middleman, the images dragged onto a section in the builder will be automatically added to the image gallery.