Grouping Your Pages


Grouping your pages helps you organize your account according to a campaign, landing page type, or any way you'd like. 

You can add groups of pages under your account and within Client accounts.

  1. To add a new landing page Group, click + New Group on the left side of your All Pages Screen:
    Annotated image of a red arrow pointing to the + New Group button on the left hand side of the Unbounce All Pages screen
  2. From the dialog box that appears, give your new page Group a name: 
    A white diog box with a field to type in a page group name
  3. The new Group will appear on the left-hand side of the All-pages screen. It will be empty to start:
    The given name of the page group listed at the top - there are no landing pages within the list.
  4. Navigate back to the All Pages screen.
  5. To add or remove a landing page to a Group, select the three dots on the right-hand side of the landing page. 
  6. Click Add or Remove from Groups:
     Annotated image of a red arrow pointing to a drop-down list, pointing to the word 'Add or Remove from Groups'.

Select or deselect the page Groups as desired and follow the prompts to update your groups. You can also add the same page to multiple Groups. 

When working with Groups, do note that the page will not disappear from the All Pages screen. Page Groups help you organize your content better.