Downloading or Uploading an Unbounce Page


Downloading and re-uploading a page created in Unbounce spares you the time and effort of recreating a landing page from scratch under another account. 


At this time, you can only download or upload Classic Builder pages. It is not currently possible to download or upload Smart Builder pages.

Downloading and re-uploading a page from one account to another will reset the statistics for that page and its variants.

Not to worry, you can keep all of your lead data by simply exporting the lead data to CSV format. For instructions on exporting your lead data, see How to export your lead data to CSV format.

What you will need:

An Unbounce account with an Owner, Admin, or Author user role permission; only these users can download pages. 

Downloading a Page

Follow these steps to download your page.

  1. From the All Pages screen, locate the landing page you want to download. 
  2. Click the ellipsis icon (three dots) next to the page. 
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Download Page:

    • If you don't see this option, it's probably a Smart Builder page you're hoping to download. At this time, it's not currently possible to download or upload Smart Builder pages.
  4. Click the Email Download Link from the dialog box:

We'll send you an email with the link when your page file is ready to download.

Once you've downloaded a page, you can share it with another Unbounce user directly or head over to Themeforest and upload it for other users to purchase.


Unbounce Pages will download as ".unbounce" formats and can be shared only for use within Unbounce.

Uploading a Page

Ready to upload an Unbounce page to another Client? Or, have you scouted out the perfect third-party template (either from Themeforest, one of our ebooks, or another source) and are ready to upload it? 

You can now upload the template to Unbounce. 

If you have several pages you want to upload, you will need to upload them each individually (in other words, one at a time). 

  1. At the top of the All Pages screen, click Upload an Unbounce Page
  2. Click Choose File.
  3. Locate and choose the .unbounce file from your operating system.
  4. Click Upload (you'll see the progress of your file as it uploads).

Wait a few minutes while we unpack your file and add it to your account. We'll let you know by email as soon as your new page is ready to use.

You can now edit and duplicate the page(s) just like any other Unbounce page(s)!