Performing Bulk Actions on Your Pages


The Bulk Actions feature can be found on your All Pages screen above your page list, and it allows you to perform any of the following 6 actions to several (up to 20) pages at once: 

Pro tip:

To quickly select all pages shown on your screen, check the "Action" box.

    • Add Pages to Page Group"

      This adds the selected page(s) to your desired page group(s). If you have not yet created any page groups, you will first be prompted to create a new group.

    • Remove Pages from Page Group"

      This removes the selected page(s) from your desired page group(s).

    • "Copy Pages to a Client"

      This copies the selected page(s) to a different client. This won't remove the page from its previous client(s). You can copy your pages to more than one client, but this must be done individually for each client. The stats and leads from the original pages will not be copied, and the new pages will start off in an unpublished state.

    • "Publish Pages"

      This publishes your selected page(s). It may take a few moments to see your published changes reflected, so you may want to give it a moment and a few refreshes if you don't see your new content straight away.

    • "Unpublish Pages"

      This unpublishes your selected page(s). It may take a few moments for your page to unpublish, so you may want to grab a cup of tea and refresh a few times if you don't see a change right away.

    • "Delete Pages"

      This deletes your selected page(s).


Accidentally delete a page? Check out Retrieving a Deleted Page.