New in April '18


We're nearing the GDPR compliance date and making lots of progress. We also shifted a few items around in the app. 

Read on, you crazy diamond.

Combined Template Picker
(Launched: April 25th, 2018)

Imagine you had to walk through your front door to get an apple from the kitchen, but if you wanted a banana from the kitchen you would have to use a different entrance. Very inconvenient and frankly, it doesn't make sense.

When we first rolled out popups and sticky bars, you would have to navigate to the popup and sticky bar sections to create one, and if you wanted to create a landing page you could do so anywhere except the popup and sticky bar section. How do you like them apples!

We have now combined popup, sticky bar, and page templates in the exact same space! You can click one green "Create New" button and allow your jaw to drop in amazement at the ease of toggling between three sets of templates. 



"Email Me Leads" Button Moved
(Launched: April 25th, 2018)

The "Email Me Leads" button has been relocated to the Integrations space on the Page Overview screen. It used to sit above the "Webhooks" button, but we moved it because webhooks are very dramatic and need an area all to themselves to feel special.



GDPR Compliance Progress

Our developers are working hard to make Unbounce compliant with the GDPR. Here's just a little peek at some of the changes we've made this past month:

  • Migrated native integrations to a new database.
  • Moved a leads database to Europe for leads collected in Europe.
  • Retired support for deprecated TLS versions on page server (1.0/1.1).
  • Improved our SSL provisioning system.

You can read through New Privacy Law Alert: GDPR + Unbounce (+ You) for details.

If you haven't already, you may also want to read the How to Make Your Unbounce Landing Pages GDPR Compliant blog post, written by Unbounce's one and only Ryan Engley.

Maintenance/Bug Fixes

  • A most inconvenient bug would not allow new users to sign up with SSO if they were an invitee creating an account from the invitation page. It would allow you to create the account but you did not have access to the account you had been invited to. Sheesh! I am very happy to share that this issue in invitee flow has been resolved.