New in March '18


We love feeling secure.

This month is all about secure pages and GDPR! To paraphrase Frank Costanza, "Security Now!"

(Launched: March 14th, 2018)

You requested it (for quite a long time), and we've delivered!

SSL certification has always been automatically enabled on custom domains. Now you also have the ability to force HTTPS on all custom domains!

The feature can be turned on from the Domains screen in your account. Click the "On/Off" toggle button at the top right corner and set it to "On". Yep, that's all!


Turning this on forces your custom domains in the client to use HTTPS, so visitors will always be redirected to secure HTTPS page (even if they specify HTTP in the URL).

Check out "How do I secure my landing page domain with SSL?" for more details.

Getting Ready for GDPR

As you may know, we are currently working towards GDPR compliance and should have it in place prior to May 2018. We'll definitely keep you updated as we make progress in this area. For right now you can learn more about what we're doing to become compliant by visiting "New Privacy Law Alert: GDPR + Unbounce (+ You)".

Or, if you prefer, here's a haiku about GDPR:

general data
protection regulation
this is a haiku

Maintenance/Bug Fixes

We've been working hard this month to make some key improvements to various elements of the Unbounce app. These include the following:

  • After you downgrade your account, a banner will appear on the Billing screen that reads: "You are currently subscribed to the _______ plan paying $X,XXX... You will be automatically downgraded to the _______ plan on [DATE]"

    For a minute there, a bug was causing the banner to not display the amount of your current subscription (it would show the word "calculating" instead of a dollar amount). This has now been resolved!

  • If you opened an Unbounce account prior to 2013 and you recently tried to reset your password, you may have seen a 500 error! Gross. Not to worry though - we fixed it!

  • We've redesigned the process for customers who are opening an Unbounce account after being invited as a free user to an existing account. It used to look like this (and was a wee bit confusing):


    And now it looks like this:


    That's all for this month - see you in April!