New in February '18


What's SSO? We have it!

Read on to sign up/sign in smarter and learn about some new bug fixes, too!

Google Single Sign On (SSO)
(Launched: February 28th, 2018)


You have have noticed the brand new, shiny red "G+ Sign In with Google" button displayed below our trusty ol' Sign In button. Selecting the G+ button directs you to a list of your Google accounts. Choose one to use as your Unbounce sign in (or click "Use another account" if you don't see your preferred account in the list), no Unbounce-specific password necessary! Bada bing bada boom.

Maintenance/Bug Fixes

We've been working hard this month to make some key improvements to various elements of the Unbounce app. These include the following:

  • Our password complexity meter originally accepted passwords containing seven characters. While a minimum of seven allows a good mix of characters, good just wasn't enough. Great rhymes with eight, not seven. We bumped it up to a minimum of eight characters! Why was 8 afraid of 7? Because 7, 8, 9! What did 0 say to the 8? Where'd you get the belt? Alr-eight, moving on.
  • You may notice our sign up/log in page includes a checkbox called "Remember Me". Selecting this checkbox allows automatic access to your account for 14 days without re-entering sign in credentials. Very handy! If it worked. Which it does now!

That's all for February!


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