My Account Has Been Suspended. How Can I Reactivate it?


In most cases, account suspensions occur if the payment for the most recent invoice has not gone through (i.e., the charge was declined).  

To release your account from suspension, and regain access to your landing pages within the Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™ Platform, you'll need to update your billing details. 

To update your billing details:

  1. Log in to Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™ Platform. 
  2. Click Your Avatar (circle-shaped icon) in the top right corner, then select Account Management from the drop-down menu. 
  3. Select Account Overview on the left side of the screen. 
  4. Select the Billing option. 
  5. Select the Update Billing Information in the bottom right of the screen.
  6. Save changes and you're done! 

If you're still running into issues when attempting to access your account or pages, submit a request to our Support team, or get in touch via live chat

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