Setting Up the GA4 External Data Integration (Beta)



Beta features are still in active development and may change unexpectedly without notice. Unbounce Support will do their best to offer assistance, however may not be able to resolve some issues due to the limitations of an open beta.

As a marketer, understanding the performance of your landing pages is paramount to optimizing your efforts and increasing return on investment. However, accessing crucial data from tools like Google Analytics 4 often means leaving the Unbounce platform, leading to a loss of contextual understanding of your landing pages.

To address this challenge, we've introduced the Google Analytics 4 Data Integration (Beta). This integration empowers marketers to seamlessly access and visualize key GA4 data points without leaving the Unbounce platform.

In this article, you will learn how to:

Connecting to the GA4 Data Integration (Beta)


To connect to the GA4 Data Integration, you need Administrator or Editor access to your GA4 account. See Hierarchy of organizations, accounts, properties, and views in GA4 for more information.

  1. Log into Unbounce, and from the left-hand side menu, click Integrations.

    Unbounce account client integrations dashboard
  2. Scroll down to Native Integrations, an select Google Analytics 4 Data Integration (Beta). A new dialog box will appear.

    Connect GA4 data integration in unbounce account client integrations dashboard
  3. Select the check box to confirm you have read Google's Limited Use Policy and Unbounce's Terms of Service.
  4. Click Connect with Google Analytics 4. In the new screen that appears, select an account.

    Select google account
  5. On the following screen, click Allow to authenticate the GA4 Data Integration.

    Authenticate google account

Once the authentication is completed, you will see the GA4 Data Integration appear at the top of the Integrations page.

To remove the integration, click Remove Authentication.

Remove google authentication


Authentication to connect Unbounce to Google Analytics 4 only has to be done once per Client. Once a Client is connected, the GA4 External Data Integration will be available to configure on all pages within the Client.

Configuring the GA4 Data Integration (Beta)

Now that you have finished connecting to the GA4 Data Integration, you need to configure the integration so that it is pulling the right data for your landing pages.

  1. Navigate to the Page Overview of the page you wish to integrate with your GA4 Data Integration.
  2. Select the Integrations tab, and click on the Google Analytics 4 Data Integration (Beta) button under the Native Integrations section.

    Unbounce page overview integrations tab of GA4 data integration
  3. A new dialog box will appear.

    Configure GA4 data integration
  4. From the drop down menus, select the Account and Property that are associated with the landing page whose metrics you want to track.
    • See Google's documentation to learn more about GA4 hierarchy. 
  5. Click Connect with Google Analytics 4 to save your changes.

    Save changes to GA4 data integration

Pro Tip: 

For the most accurate data, your GA4 Data Integration should have the same property ID as the GA4 Integration that you have set up in Script Manager to track the same landing page.

Analyzing Your Data

From the Page Overview, select the External Data tab. This is where the GA4 Data Integration will display the following data points:

  • Impressions: The number of times a user was shown a link to the page(e.g., an ad).
  • Clicks: The number of times a user clicked on a link to visit the page.
  • Cost: The total cost of the campaign, based on the cost per click and the number of users who clicked.
  • Cost Per Click: The average cost paid for each click (through the Google Ads platform).
  • Time on Page: The average length of time that visitors spent on your page.
  • Page Scroll: The percentage of users who scrolled to at least 90% of the page depth.

Dashboard overview of GA4 data integration


Can I configure multiple GA4 accounts with this integration?

Yes, you can configure one GA4 integration for each Client in your account.

Why am I not seeing any data under the External Data tab on my Page Overview?

GA4 will not collect any data if you have not configured the GA4 Integration in Script Manager.

Can Unbounce import additional GA4 data outside of the key data points?

No, this integration leverages Google Analytics 4 to display only the key data points listed in this article.

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