Using UTM Parameters to target overlays


Unbounce Convertables allow you to create targeted experiences for your visitors based on different behaviors. Using UTM parameters, you can target specific traffic sources (e.g., Facebook, AdWords, email), or campaigns.

To configure a Convertable to display based on UTM parameters, head to the Overview screen for the Convertable you want to target, and scroll down to Location:

  1. Set the domain you’d like the overlay to appear on.
  2. Select “URLs that contain” for Pages to include on (e.g.,
  3. Input your UTM details (e.g., utm_source=facebook).
  4. Republish to activate.

You can currently target multiple UTM parameters with “OR” but not “AND” rules. For example if you had “utm_source=facebook” and “utm_medium=banner”, the overlay would appear for anyone who arrived if either or both of those UTM parameters were present in the URL.

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