Installing your Embed Code in Google Tag Manager


We have recently renamed Convertables to Popups & Sticky Bars. We are in the process of updating all screenshots and videos in our guides to reflect this name change. All steps provided within this guide will remain the same.

If you haven't already built your Popup or Sticky Bar, check out Popups & Sticky Bars: Creating and Customizing first for instructions on how to do this.

You'll only need to do this once, and once your code is installed you'll never need to update it and it will work for every Popup & Sticky Bar you create. 

  1. Copy and paste your Embed code (either with your mouse or by clicking the "Copy" button).

  2. Log in to your Google Tag Manager account and click “New Tag” or “Add a New Tag”.

  3. Click the “Choose a tag type to begin setup...” icon.

  4. From the “Choose tag type” menu, select “Custom HTML”.

  5. In the Tag Configuration HTML field, paste your line of Popup or Sticky Bar script and click “Save”.

  6. Scroll down and click the “Choose a trigger to make this tag fire...” icon to set your trigger.

  7. To choose an All Pages trigger, click “All Pages”. To create a custom trigger, click the “+” button.

  8. If choosing an All Pages trigger, click “Save” to save your changes.

  9. If creating a custom trigger, click “Choose a trigger type to begin setup…”, choose your custom trigger type, and click “Save”.

  10. Click “Tags” from the left side menu to see your new tag, and click “Publish” to publish your tag.

  11. Wahoo! Mosey on over to your page to test out your shiny new Popup or Sticky Bar.


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