How Can I Add Qualaroo On My Landing Page?


Qualaroo is a feedback widget that lets you ask your visitors survey questions on your page. It's simple to integrate into your Unbounce pages.

For more information about why collecting customer feedback on landing pages is a good idea, check out this blog post on point of conversion feedback mechanisms.

How Do I Add a Qualaroo Code Snippet to my Unbounce Page?

  1. Sign in to your Unbounce account.
  2. From the Settings menu on the left hand side, click "Script Manager".
  3. Click "Add a Script".
  4. Choose "Custom Script" from the "What would you like to add?" drop-down menu.
  5. In the "Script Name" field, enter your script name and click "Add Script Details".
  6. From the "Placement" drop-down menu, choose "After Body Tag", and from the "Included on" drop-down menu, choose "All".
  7. Sign in to your Qualaroo account in another tab, navigate to your Dashboard, and click the "Install Code" button next to the website you want to add to Unbounce.
  8. Select the code snippet on the next page and copy it to your clipboard.
  9. Back in your Unbounce account, paste the code snippet in the script field and remove the two comment tags at the top, before the "<script>" tag.
  10. Choose the domain(s) on which you would like the script to be enabled and click "Save and Publish Script".

Using Feedback for Landing Page Optimization

The simplest way to find out why your page isn’t converting is to just come right out and ask.

There are a couple of cool products out there that let you do this, either via a survey or live chat.


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