Downloading a Page

The download/upload page function in the page builder is useful for transferring landing pages between Unbounce accounts. Downloading and reuploading a page spares you the time and effort of recreating a landing page from scratch under another account. 

Please note that downloading and reuploading a page from one account to another will reset the statistics for that page and and its variants. Not to worry, you can keep all of your lead data by simply exporting the lead data to CSV format. For instructions on exporting your lead data, check out the link below:

How to export your lead data to CSV format

 This article will help you out with:

  • Transferring Unbounce Pages between accounts
  • Downloading pages and all of their variants

Downloading a Page

  • Select "Download Page"
  • Click the "Email Download Link" button in the "Download Page" dialog and we'll send you an email with the link when your file is ready to download

Once you've downloaded a page you can share it with another Unbounce user directly or head over to Themeforest and upload it for other users to purchase.

Head over to Themeforest

Note: Unbounce Pages are downloaded in ".unbounce" format and can be shared only for use within Unbounce.


Download a page: enables you to download an entire page and all of its variants from one Unbounce account and upload it to another.


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