How Do I Integrate Google Tag Manager With Unbounce?

Google Tag Manager is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily adjust tracking and marketing automation scripts for your pages from one centralized place.

Setting Up Your Google Tag Manager Integration

Check out Setup and Workflow for help getting started with Google Tag Manager.

When you set up your container (group with similar tags), you'll be given a unique code snippet:


Paste the snippet onto your landing page via the Javascripts tab in the bottom left of the Page Builder (set the placement to 'After Body Tag').  If you're using the Unbounce Form Confirmation Dialog, you'll want to add it there also.

Next, republish your page so that the changes take effect.

Now, when you can control the tags included on your landing pages from Google Tag Manager!

If you want a little help with Google Tag Manager, check out Tag Manager Help below:

Google Tag Manager Help Centre


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