How Do I Integrate GoToWebinar with Unbounce Using Zapier?


Note: On the Essential plan or higher, you can now use Unbounce Integrations Powered by Zapier!

Using Unbounce landing pages for your GoToWebinar can drastically increase conversions versus the standing GoToWebinar registration page.

In order to transfer leads from your Unbounce landing page into registrants for your GoToWebinar you can use a zap from Zapier that takes advantage of the Unbounce webhook.


Setting Up Your GoTo Webinar Integration

You'll need an account with Zapier and a webinar scheduled in GoToWebinar to get started.

When you build your landing page make sure you include fields for First Name, Last Name, and Email as those are required by GoToWebinar.

Once you have your webinar landing page published in Unbounce, head over to Zapier and search Unbounce to see the available zaps.

Select the Unbounce + GoToWebinar zap and Zapier will walk you through 7 steps to set it up

  1. Confirms that the zap will take a form submission from your Unbounce landing page and make it a registrant in your GoToWebinar
  2. Zapier gives you the URL to insert into Unbounce.  Copy the URL and head back to the Page Overview for your webinar landing page.  Select Webhook on the lower right (you might have to scroll down) and paste the code.  Click Continue and then Done.  Go to your published page and run a test submission so Zapier can configure properly.
  3. Select and name the applicable GoToWebinar account.
  4. Set up any custom filters you'd like.
  5. Select the webinar you'd like your leads registered for.  Then validate the required information. (Remember, GoToWebinar requires first name, last name, and email)
  6. Here is where you can see the information from your test submission.  Confirm the information Zapier is receiving from Unbounce, and the information Zapier is sending to GoToWebinar.
  7. Name your zap.

 And now you're off to the races! Happy webinar-ing!

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