How Do I Add a Wufoo Form to My Landing Page?



Unbounce does not see or collect lead data from Wufoo submissions. If you’re concerned with GDPR compliance, you'll need to contact Wufoo directly.


Unbounce is not currently able to track Wufoo form submissions. Any Wufoo form submission will not count as a conversion in Unbounce.

Got an awesome Wufoo form you just can't wait to use on a landing page!? Great! Now just follow the instructions below to start using that marvelous Wufoo form.

What you'll need

  • A Wufoo account with a form
  • An Unbounce page you want to put a Wufoo form onto

Adding a Wufoo Form to your Landing Page

  1. Get your Wufoo form's Javascript code.

    For more information, check out: Wufoo Support Article.
  2. Log in to Unbounce.
  3. Go to the Page Overview of the landing page that you wish to use a Wufoo form on.
  4. Click the Edit button beside the variant you want your Wufoo form to appear on.
  5. Add a Custom HTML element to your page.
  6. Insert your Wufoo Javascript code into the Custom HTML element and ensure the Custom HTML element is large enough to display the entire Wufoo form.
  7. Save and Preview your landing page.

That's it, you're all set!

Once your page has been published, you can start sending leads to your Unbounce landing page.