How Do I Add a Wufoo Form to My Landing Page?


Wufoo is an online form builder that helps you design custom and branded forms for your customers, for all types of purposes (payment, contact, application, registration forms, and so on).  

The article will explain how to set up a Wufoo form on your Classic Builder page.

There are two ways to set up Wufoo on your landing page:

  1. Embedding a Wufoo Form using HTML , or
  2. Embedding a Wufoo Form using Zapier.

What You’ll Need:

  • A Wufoo account with a form, and 
  • An Unbounce page (built in the Classic Builder) you want to embed a Wufoo form into.

Embedding a Wufoo Form using HTML 

The first step is to retrieve the embed code for your Wufoo form, and the next and final step is to embed this form on your landing page


Unbounce is not currently able to track the behavior of third-party/embedded forms. Any Wufoo form submission will not count as a conversion in Unbounce - you will need to access the lead data directly within the Wufoo platform. 

  1. Sign in to your Wufoo account and navigate to the Forms section.
  2. Click on whichever form you would like to embed on your Unbounce page:
    Annotated image of Wufoo platform highlighting Forms tab
  3. Review the appearance of your form, and select Share Form in the bottom right-hand corner:
    Annotated image of the Wufoo platform highlight the Share Form button
  4. A new page will appear. Select the iFrame option from the embed settings below:
    Text box containing Wufood embed code
  5. Click the Copy button to copy this embed code to your clipboard, and navigate back to Unbounce. 

Next, navigate back to your landing page in Unbounce, 

  1. Select the Custom HTML widget from the left toolbar:Annotated image of Classic Builder with arrows pointing to HTML widget on Contents panel
  2. Paste your Wufoo embed code into the Custom HTML widget:
    A text box containing code from Wufoo
  3. Save and Preview your landing page:
    An annotated image of a form with three fields on a landing page

And that's it! If you run into any trouble with the layout or appearance of your Wufoo form, we recommend connecting with Wufoo's support team for assistance.

Embedding a Wufoo Form using Zapier

Sending leads back to Wufoo just got easier, thanks to Zapier. 

With the Unbounce <> Wufoo Zapier integration, a new form submission to your Unbounce form, creates a new entry in your Wufoo form. 

Visit Wufoo or Zapier's website to learn more.