How Can I Integrate Crazy Egg With My Landing Page?


So you want to see a heat map of your Unbounce Landing Page!? Well, Crazy Egg’s got exactly what you need! Just follow the instructions below to start tracking what people do on your landing page.

What you will need

  • A Crazy Egg account
  • An Unbounce page you want to use Crazy Egg on

Integrating Your Landing Page With Crazy Egg

  1. Create a new snapshot in Crazy Egg, setup to Track by name.
  2. If you want to track individual variants, you'll need to create a new snapshot for each one with the hidden URL for that variant:
    • "[landing page URL]/[variant letter].html"
    • For example:
  3. Get your Crazy Egg heat map Javascript code.
  4. Log in to Unbounce.
  5. Open the page you wish to use a Crazy Egg on.
  6. Click the Edit button beside the landing page you want to integrate with Crazy Egg.  
  7. Within the Unbounce Builder, Click the Javascripts button in the bottom left of the builder. A new dialog box will appear: 
  8. Insert your Crazy Egg embed code.
  9. Set the placement to Before Body End Tag
  10. Save and Publish your changes.
  11. Repeat steps 1 through 8 for each variant. Please make sure that each variant you want to test has a weight of 1 percent or more.

NOTE: Crazy Egg only will start collecting information after someone visits the associated page variant. If you're having trouble setting this up with multiple variants, please contact us.

That's it, you're all set! Once you have a new visitor to your landing page, Crazy Egg will start tracking all your visitor's actions and generate a heat map for you to analyze.

Troubleshooting Crazy Egg

Since Crazy Egg is a separate service to Unbounce, the Crazy Egg's team would best answer any questions about this integration and setup.

If you run into any trouble with your heat map, outside of Unbounce, please get in touch with Crazy Egg's Support teams or Crazy Egg's documentation.