Main Features of the Classic Builder


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This article will provide you with insight into the tools and functions of the Classic Builder.

 In the Unbounce Builder you'll see your content in progress in the main window, the Widget panel on the left, the Toolbar at the top, and the Properties pane on the right. At any time in the Builder you can click an object once to bring up its properties on the right of the interface, or double-click to edit it further.


Save: You can save your work at any time but make sure to save prior to exiting the Builder otherwise your changes will be lost.

Version Control: Restore back to an older version of your content by clicking “Last saved…” right beside the “Save” button.

Preview: This will open in a new window and not all third party elements (outside Unbounce) will display properly in Preview (e.g., external links will not load in Preview).

Undo & Redo: You can click Undo or Redo even after saving — just make sure you save again once you've made changes. If you revert back to an older version of your content using the Version Control feature, Undo & Redo will be reset for that session.

Move Up / Move Down: Move Page Sections up or down within your content.

Bring Forward / Send Backward: Move objects forward and backward relative to surrounding objects.

Duplicate: Select (single-click) an object and click Duplicate.

Delete: Select (single-click) an object and click Delete.

Copy and Paste: This feature enables you to copy and paste elements between content in your account. Yes, that means you can copy and paste an element from one page or Popup to another! Easy peasy. Below are some important notes about using this feature:

Copying page elements:

  • You can select an element to copy either by clicking the Copy icon, or by using the CTRL+C command on your keyboard.
  • You can multi-select elements by holding the “Shift” key and selecting items to be copied. The more the merrier!

Pasting page elements:

  • The copied item can be pasted either by clicking the Paste icon, or by using the CTRL+P command on your keyboard.
  • If you’d like to reproduce elements between different accounts/clients, your best bet is to do one of the following:
    1. Open the Unbounce Builder twice, in two tabs within the same browser window. Log in to each account in its respective tab, and copy the Builder element you wish to duplicate from one tab to the other.
    2. Download the page from one account and upload it to the new account. Note that this method is not available for Popups.

Widget panel

To add any element to your content just drag it from the Widget panel (found to the left of the Unbounce Builder) onto your page.

Group elements to move together

To select multiple objects, simply hold down the Shift key and click on each object you want to select. You should see a selection box surround the objects and you can then move them as one group. 

Group page elements to duplicate

While you cannot yet duplicate a selection of multiple objects, you can achieve the same functionality by adding a box element to your content and dragging the objects you wish to duplicate into this box. These other elements (text, image, buttons, etc.) will become children of the box, which means if you duplicate the box, all of its contained elements will be duplicated as well.