Adding Social Widgets to the Classic Builder


Adding a widget for social platforms to your landing page is a great way to get your customers to add some interaction and drum up some support for your campaign!

Using a widget will allow your customers to share your landing page with their followers with a simple click of a button.  

Check out these social widget and share button options:

Can I Use Unbounce to Create a Page tab in Facebook

Indeed you can! Check out this post in our Community to learn how.

Script provided in our Community are workarounds shared by Unbounce experts, but outside the scope of our Support team.

If you had any questions, please reach out in the Community thread to learn more.

How do I customize/optimize my landing page to share on social media?

You can use our post on open graph tags to make your share post as fabulous as you want it to be!


Social Widget: An icon that enables access to the social media platform when clicked. 

Social Proof: the positive influence that's generated when people find out that "everybody's doing it." Building social proof into your offer in the form of testimonials, reviews, or trust seals is a great way to generate interest, increase credibility and drive more conversations.