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Adding a widget for social platforms to your landing page is a great way to get your customers to add some interaction and drum up some support for your campaign! Using a widget will allow your customers to share your landing page to their followers with a simple click of a button.  


This feature is only available for landing pages and not popups and sticky bars.

Adding a Social Widget for Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google+ 

If you want a simple Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google+ widget on your page, Unbounce streamlines this process for you by making the widgets available on our editor from the widget panel on the left.

To add any or all of these three social widgets, follow the steps below:  

  1. Log on to Unbounce
  2. Navigate to the page where you would like to add social widgets and click the Edit button.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom left-hand side of the screen and select the Social Widget image15.png object. Drag and drop this object to the spot where you would like to put your social widgets on your landing page. All 3 of the social widgets will appear on your page. image9.png
  4. Once the widgets have been added to your page, you’ll see available customization options on the right of the editor page under the Properties tab:
    • In the Geometry section you can specify the size and positioning of your social widgets.
    • In the Layout section you can choose from Unbounce’s pre-fabricated horizontal and vertical layouts to arrange the widgets on your page.
    • In the Social Platforms section, you can specify which social widgets you want to appear on your page by checking the Enable box beside each specific social platform. If you uncheck the box, that specific social platform widget will disappear from your landing page. You can also specify some information for each specific social widget:
      • You can add a custom message for your customer to tweet when they click on the twitter social widget by selecting the Use Custom Message radio button and writing a custom message.
      • You can use a custom url for your customer’s Google+ and Facebook widgets by selecting Use Custom URL from the Set URL drop-down menu.

After customizing and completing any changes you want to make to your social widgets, make sure to save and publish your page. That’s it! You’ve now added social widgets to your landing page.  

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Can I Use Unbounce to Create a Facebook Page Tab?

Indeed you can! Check out this post in our Community to learn how.

How do I customize/optimize my landing page to share on social media? 

You can use our post on open graph tags to make your share post as fabulous as you want it to be!



Social Widget: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+ icon that enables access to the social media platform when clicked. Found in the Widget Panel on the left of the App.

Social Proof: the positive influence that's generated when people find out that "everybody's doing it." Building social proof into your offer in the form of testimonials, reviews or trust seals is a great way to generate interest, increase credibility and drive more conversations

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