Getting Started With Landing Pages


Use the guide below as a checklist for creating your first landing page. This page will be your guide to help you create the best landing page for your campaign, by referencing some articles within our documentation center.

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  • What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a standalone page used for marketing - it’s where a visitor ‘lands’ when they click one of the ads from your campaign.

Landing pages don’t link to your homepage and are designed with a single objective known as a ‘call to action.’

There are 2 different types of landing pages:

  • Lead Generation pages, which use a web form for data collection purposes.
  • Click through pages, which use a single button to facilitate transactions.

Take a look at Unbounce’s landing page introduction to find out more about landing pages and why they’re great for your campaign.

  • Create Your Landing Page

Ready to begin your landing page? Follow along with the steps below to get started:

  1. You may want to familiarize yourself with the different tools and features of Unbounce: The Unbounce App Anatomy.
  2. Let’s get started and jump into the Unbounce builder to create your first page. You can start with various templates or create a page from scratch: Creating Your First Page.
  3. Now that you’ve created your first page, you’ll want to learn a little more about what you can do within the Unbounce Builder: Main Features of the Page Builder.
  4. Are you creating a page from a blank template or adding more to an existing template? The first thing you’ll want to add is a page section: Adding and Editing Page Sections.
  5. Now you can add all the other elements to your page to make it the perfect landing page for your campaign:
  6. Do you have all the elements on your page looking the way you want? Let’s make sure that your high-level page information is set up correctly before publishing: Managing Your Page Properties.
  • Enable Mobile Content

Now that we have the desktop version of your page all set up, let’s set up the mobile version of your page:

Are you an Accelerate or Concierge plan, and want to take your mobile pages to the next level? You may want to try making an AMP mobile page: Getting Started with AMP Pages.

  • Add Your Own Domain

Purchasing your own custom domain from a hosting provider then connecting that domain to your landing page is a great way of ensuring strong brand alignment, improved Google indexing, and better Google Ads compatibility.

Want more reasons why you should connect your domain to Unbounce? Check out our article that explains why you should connect your domain.

Have you purchased a domain and want help setting it up on Unbounce? There are a few ways to set up a domain in Unbounce; this article will explain some of your options: How Do I Add My Domain to Unbounce?

  • Set Up Your Integrations

Setting up integrations can help you save time and minimize repetitive tasks, allowing you to streamline your process. Unbounce has a long list of integration partners that can help you automate a huge variety of tasks.

Take a look at what our various integration partners can help you with, then head over to our documentation on how to set up some integrations to simplify your landing page actions: Integrating with Unbounce.

  • Run an A/B Test/Enable Smart Traffic 

Your page is published, and you’re starting to get those sweet conversions! Take those conversions to the next level by conducting your own A/B test.

In A/B testing, you create two variations of the same landing page for a campaign and pit them against each other to see which one gains the most conversions. This is a great way to optimize your landing page for your campaign.

Unbounce makes it easy for you to create page variants to assist with your A/B testing needs:

 Or you can enable smart traffic and have our AI do all the work for you! 

Looking for a more detailed introduction? Watch our Master Unbounce in 30 Minutes video for a step-by-step guide to creating your landing page.