Getting Started With Landing Pages


So you've created your Unbounce account. Congrats! Now you'll be eager to jump into the page builder and start creating your first landing page.


Before you begin, you can ensure you're using an Unbounce-compatible browser to create your landing page by hopping over to Supported Browsers for Building/Viewing Your Content.

The Unbounce app has a wide variety of custom, mobile responsive templates for you to choose from.

In case you're looking for even more variety, you can always browse the wide selection of Unbounce templates in Themeforest. At Themeforest, you can buy and sell HTML templates as well as themes for popular CMS products like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Items are priced on the complexity, quality, and use of the file; the total price also includes a Buyer Fee. The site is home to a bustling community of web designers and developers and is the biggest marketplace of its kind.

Once you've scouted out the perfect template (either from Themeforest or another source), there's just a few steps to complete in order to upload the template to Unbounce. By following these steps you'll be able to transfer your template over to Unbounce so you can get cracking!

This article will help you out with:

  • Applying native and third party templates for landing page design
  • Identifying the best template for your use case
  • Creating a new landing page

For a comprehensive tutorial, check out our Improving Your Marketing Campaigns with Landing Pages e-course to get started!

Creating a New Landing Page From a Template

When you log into Unbounce, the first thing you'll see is your All Pages screen.

  1. Click the Create New Page button on the left and you'll be taken to the Create a New Page Screen
  2. Select a template from our assortment of lead gen, click-through, ebook, product launch pages and more. You can also Start with a Blank Page. Double click a template to take a closer look at it. 
  3. Name your page to suit your campaign
  4. Click Start with this Template which will bring you to the Unbounce Landing Page Builder

Looking to duplicate an entire existing page (including all variants)? We can help with that too! Simply scroll down this article using the table of contents on the right.

Buying a Template from Themeforest

Through your Themeforest account, you'll find loads of Unbounce themes and templates that can be uploaded to your account, so your style choices are never limited.

You'll need to set up an account with Themeforest to get started. Once you've registered, navigate to the Unbounce section (Marketing > Unbounce) to check out the available Unbounce templates.

Click through to preview any templates you like. You'll find screenshots, a live preview, and further information about the template.

Once you've decided on a template, click the Purchase button on the upper right and you can pay from either preloaded credit, or instant purchase.

*A regular license on Themeforest allows you to use the template for multiple landing pages under the same domain.

Uploading a Template/Page into Unbounce

Once you've scouted out the perfect template, (either from Themeforest or another source), there's just a few steps to complete in order to upload the template to Unbounce. By following these steps you'll be able to transfer your template over to Unbounce so you can get cracking!

(You'll need to repeat the upload process for each .unbounce file if you've purchased bundled templates.)

If you've received an Unbounce page (or template) from someone (or from ThemeForest, or one of our ebooks) you can upload it from your All Pages screen.

NOTE: You can only upload ".unbounce" files into Unbounce.

Your pages need to be assembled in the Unbounce editor which means that externally designed HTML pages or Photoshop (PSD) files cannot be imported.  However, if you have a PSD for your page, it can be sliced and its individual components can be uploaded then assembled in Unbounce. 

  1. Click Upload an Unbounce Page in the upper right:
  2. Click Choose File.
  3. Select the .unbounce file from your computer:upload3.png
  4. Click Upload (you'll see the progress of your file as it uploads):upload4.png
  5. Wait a couple of minutes while we unpack your file and add it to your account:

6. We'll let you know by email as soon as your new page is ready to use.

You can now edit and duplicate the page(s) just like any other Unbounce page(s)!

Creating a New Page from a Variant

Looking to create a new page from a successful variant? You can do that!

Head to the Page Overview for the page where the variant lives and click the gear icon associated with the variant you want to copy.

Click "Create a New Page from Variant" and then choose which integrations you'd like to copy with it.

Once you click "Create Page" you'll be taken to the Page Overview for your new page. Finally, make any edits you'd like and Publish your brand new page! 

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