Managing Your Page Properties

If you are looking to edit your page's high-level data, page properties is where you want to be. By adjusting your page properties, you can make sure that visitors don't stumble across your page by accident through search engines, and that supporting information about your page is available so that viewers can verify that they've reached a credible page.

You'll see the Page Properties section in the centre of three tabs on the right of your Page Builder. The features in this area are critical for cooking up some custom elements on your page, like Geometry, Meta Data, Background Properties, and more.

This article will help you out with:

  • Controlling the high level look of your page (dimensions, background, etc.)
  • Controlling how your page interacts with search engines


You can edit the width and top margin of your landing page.

Title & Meta Data

You can change the title of your page that visitors will see, add keywords (separated by a comma), and add a description of your page. 

Note: Checking "Hide my Page from Search Engines" prevents Google from indexing your page. This is super handy if you're running only PPC campaigns.

Background Properties

You can select a solid color, gradient or image for your background and then choose its opacity. If you choose an image you can also choose its position and tiling on your page.

Default Text Style

You can set your default text and link colour


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