Integrating with AWeber


Integrating AWeber with your Unbounce landing page is simple, follow the steps below and you will have your campaign up and running in no time!

Need more assistance! AWeber also has a guide on how to integrate with Unbounce on their help center. 

What you will need

  • An Unbounce landing page with a form that has an email field
  • An active AWeber account

Note: AWeber requires new leads to receive a confirmed opt-in email, sometimes called double opt-in, before they can be added to a list.

Pro Tip:

You can use these setup steps to integrate your popups and sticky bars with AWeber. See Setting up Integrations With Popups and Sticky Bars to learn more.

Setting up your AWeber integration

    1. Log in to Unbounce.
    2. Navigate to the Page Overview for the individual page you wish to integrate AWeber with
    3. Click on the Integrations tab and select AWeber from the integrations list. weber.png

    4. Click Log In to AWeber.
    5. Input your AWeber Login Name and Password, then click Allow Access.
    6. Wait for AWeber to authenticate with Unbounce.
    7. Select the AWeber list you wish to use and click Complete.

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    8. Wait for AWeber to confirm your selection.
    9. Your page should now be successfully integrated with AWeber! When you close the dialog AWeber will have a blue checkmark, indicating that new leads will be forwarded to AWeber.*

* At this point you may also wish to map your form fields to your fields in AWeber, to do so simply click Configure Field Mapping, setup any field mappings you want to have, and click Done once you are finished.

** AWeber is unique in that you cannot map your first and last name fields from Unbounce to respective first and last name fields in AWeber. You can either map one of first name or last name to Full_Name, or you can compile first name and last name to Full_Name. If you'd like to do the latter, use a custom field as shown below:


For more information please read the following article: How to Use Field Mapping

That's it, you're all set! Once your account is integrated, you are ready to start capturing your Unbounce leads in AWeber.

Manually Adding Leads to AWeber

If you need to manually input some lead data collected in Unbounce into your AWeber account, these steps will help get you moving in the right direction.

Retrieve the leads from Unbounce

  1. Login to your Unbounce account.
  2. Navigate to your landing page’s Page Overview and click on the Leads tab.

Note: In this screen you will be able to see the all leads for that landing page, including what variant they were from. This is where you can collect the information you will need when adding the lead within your AWeber interface. Screen_shot_2011-07-19_at_12.46.32_PM.png

How to manually add an AWeber lead

  1. Login to your AWeber account
  2. Use the ‘Current List:’ drop down at the top left of your home screen to select the list that you would like to add the lead to:Screen_shot_2011-07-19_at_11.26.55_AM.png
  3. Click on the ‘Subscribers’ tab and select ‘Add’ from the drop down list:Screen_shot_2011-07-19_at_11.29.02_AM.png
  4. Fill in the information for the lead you are adding in the ‘Add a Subscriber’ screen
  5. Click the ‘Add Subscriber’ button:

Note: The Variant ID and Page ID can be found when viewing all leads from your landing page in Unbounce.

A ‘Subscriber Added’ message will show once the lead is successfully added to your list.