Setting up a Google AdWords Campaign

First you need to set up a custom domain as described in the article below. This will allow you to match your display URL with your destination URL.

Setting Up Your Custom Domain in Unbounce

Getting Started With Your Google Adwords Campaign

Google will approve a destination URL that is a sub-domain of your display URL. They just want to make sure the top-level domain of match for both display and destination.

Example (acceptable)
Destination URL:
Display URL:

An exception to this is if you're using a domain that hosts many different independent entities like or ( as your display and as your destination would not be approved).

You can read a bit more about it in the Google help articles below

An Update to Google's Display URL Policy

Google Adwords Policies


Campaign: set of ad groups that share a budget and settings such as location targeting.

Ad group: set of keywords, ads, and bids.

Destination URL: sub-domain of your display URL.

Destination URL match: your display URL and destination URL share the same domain.


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