Creating Reusable Sections for your Smart Builder Pages


Reusable sections help save you time when building your landing pages, allowing you to update content in one place and apply it to several pages while ensuring consistent designs and content across your pages.

You can create reusable Smart Builder sections using global content


This feature only works in Smart Builder.

Reusable section use-cases

Suppose you build out a footer or header section on your landing page that you want to apply across all other landing pages in your Client.

Reusable sections allow you to add a section to multiple other landing pages seamlessly.

With later improvements, changes you make to a section will apply to all other pages in your Client.

Creating a Reusable Section

  1. Navigate to your page in Smart Builder. 
  2. Click on the section you want to create as a reusable section. 
  3. Click the globe icon titled Create a Section Template button:
    Create a section template button
  4. From the window that appears, enter the details for your reusable section:
    Update reusable section properties
    • Content Name: The title of your reusable section.
    • Category: From the drop-down, select the type of page component/section. When adding a new section to your page, select it from this template option. See below to learn more.
  5. Click Save as Section Template
  6. Save your page. 

And that's it. You can now apply this section to another page. 

Applying a Reusable Section to Another Page

Once you've created a reusable section, you can navigate to any landing page within the same Client, and add that section within the page. 

  1. Navigate to a different landing Smart Builder page. 
  2. Click on the + Add Section button.
  3. From the Add Layout window, click My Section Templates:
    Global section templates within the Add Layout modal.
  4. Click the reusable section added from a previous page. 
  5. The section will appear in Smart Builder:
    Gif demo of a user adding a reusable section to Smart Builder.

If you need to, you can delete the section you no longer need by clicking on the section and then clicking the trash icon .

Current limitations

Our teams are enhancing the usability and functionality of global content, such as how live changes appear when you publish updates in a reusable section.

More rollouts to come on this feature, but here are some things to consider:

Updates to a reusable section will not apply to other sections on other pages

Section templates are static, meaning that if you edit the template, these edits will not be applied retroactively to any other pages where the template was previously used.

You will need to create a new reusable section or edit the section on each page that you add it to.

Unbounce Apps and reusable sections

Currently, Unbounce Apps will not register as reusable sections when added to another page. Before saving a reusable section (as listed in this step), remove the app from that section.