Adding Sticky Header and Footer Sections in Smart Builder


A sticky header or footer is a section at the top or bottom of a page that remains fixed on the screen as your visitor scrolls through a landing page. A sticky section allows you to keep important information for page visitors visible at all times. 

Follow the steps below to add a sticky Header or Footer section to your Smart Builder page.

  1. Navigate to your landing page in the Smart Builder.
  2. Hover your cursor over an existing section at the top or bottom of your page.
  3. Locate the plus icon that appears above or below the existing section: 

    Plus button in Smart Builder (to add a new section).
  4. From the window that appears, select a Header or Footer section to add to your page layout.

    Select a header or footer section to add to page layout.
  5. Select the new Header or Footer that has been added to your page, and click the pen icon pen-icon to launch the Design Settings
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the Design Settings window. At the bottom, switch the toggle for Sticky Section to on.

    Enable sticky setting on header or footer section
  7. Toggle to Preview mode to view your new sticky Header or Footer in action.

    Switch to preview mode to see new sticky section in action

You're all set! Remember to Save and Publish to finalize these changes.