Adding Dynamic Text Replacement to Smart Builder


Personalize your landing pages and increase your ad relevance for each of your page visitors using dynamic text replacement!

How does it work? DTR allows you to dynamically update text once users land on your page through an ad click. This creates a more heightened personalized experience for your customers with the power of message matching (the process of personalizing your ads and a customer's search terms to match and align with the messaging on your landing page).

How it works and setup notes

Available already in Classic Builder, the DTR feature in Smart Builder allows you to select a snippet of text on your page and change it based on URL parameters. 


Creating your list of keywords, ad groups, dynamic keyword insertion, and building your ad's final URL must be configured outside Unbounce in Google Ads. You can set up Google Ads Keyword Insertion by following the Google Ads guided method to set up keyword insertion for your ad text.
What you can do in Unbounce is add DTR to your Smart Builder page to update text based on URL parameters dynamically.

What You'll Need

  1. In Google Ads:
  2. In Unbounce:
    • A landing page built in Smart Builder. 

Adding Dynamic Text Replacement to Smart Builder

  1. Navigate to your Smart Builder landing page. 
  2. Locate the text on your page that you want to change dynamically.
    • At this time, dynamic text replacement works with any text on your page, such as paragraphs and headings.
  3. Double-click the text to highlight it:
    Highlight text in Smart Builder.
  4. Click the DTR button at the top right-hand corner:
    DTR button on the top-right-hand corner of highlighted text.
  5. A new window will appear; enter the URL Parameter and the Default Text:
    Set URL parameter value and default text for DTR.

    • URL Parameter: The URL parameter will determine what text will be replaced and dynamically updated on the landing page. You specify the parameter when creating your Final URL for your ad in Google Ads.
    • Default Text: how the text will appear on the landing page if no parameter value is present in the URL.

For this example, setting the URL parameter as payment will change the default text scholarships into another keyword from the list in Google Ads.

  1. Using the Set Text Style drop-down menu, select how you want your text to be capitalized:
    Choose text style from drop-down menu.
  2. Click Save Dynamic Text to finalize the changes.

Once added, the text in Smart Builder will have a blue border once clicked on:
Text with DTR highlighted blue in Smart Builder

Be sure to Save your landing pages.

Test the parameter

To test, save and publish your landing page. From the live page, test out the URL as follows:

Launch your page in the browser, for this example, to change the text dynamically on the page from scholarships to another phrase; the URL can be updated to the following:

The text will change dynamically on the page:
Value of parameter matching text on page.

Update or Remove Dynamic Text Replacement

To update the parameter or default value, 

  1. Double-click the text in Smart Builder. 
  2. The same Dynamic Text Replacement window will appear in Smart Builder; make changes to the parameter or default text value.
  3. Click Save Dynamic Text to save and update the changes. 

To remove dynamic text replacement from your page entirely,

  1. Double-click the text in Smart Builder. 
  2. Click the X next to the text:
    X button next to DTR in Smart Builder.

Be sure to Save your landing page in Smart Builder to finalize the changes.