Deleting your Unbounce Account


Once you've canceled your subscription, we understand that you might want to delete your account from Unbounce's systems completely.

That includes your pages, popups and sticky bars, and email address associated with your account. Our teams can help streamline the process of account deletion.

What's the difference between canceling vs. deleting? 

If you cancel your subscription, your pages & content will remain in the account, but certain in-app features will change. See What Happens When I Cancel My Subscription to learn more. 

But deleting your account involves removing your pages and any information about you or your business from our servers. 

Account deletion is irreversible and permanent.

If you decide to rejoin Unbounce in the far future, you will need to build your content again from scratch (which is why we recommend downloading your pages just in case). 

What happens when Unbounce hard-deletes your account?

Once our team deletes your account, you will no longer have access to 

  • Your login details,
  • Landing pages, popups & sticky bars you've created,
  • Clients, and
  • Domains. 

Account Deletion Process

Our teams will need to delete the account for you. You will need to contact our Support team to get this process started. 

Contact our Support team using the Help widget on the bottom right corner of the page, or send our team a support request ticket